Virgin Princess

An Historic Novel of Mewar (Udaipur, India) — The World's Oldest Dynasty

Meet Author Jane Richardson

Jane Richardson as had a full and varied career as a travel consultant, photographer, author, lecturer, and artist, in addition to being a wife and mom. She has traveled 25 times through India since 1969, living with families in Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Madras, New Delhi and with the royal family in Udaipur. She became a member of the illustrious Mewar family in 1970 with the Eklingji Temple priest officiating. Her background is obviously broad and varied. She has also designed tour packages and escorted numerous tour groups, some of one-month duration, with the added "job" of discussing family life, customs, religions, etc.

The author was considered by India's late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and late President V.V. Giri as the most widely traveled person in the Asian subcontinent. President Giri jokingly introduced her as his "American daughter."

Richardson's 25+ years experience and life with many families throughout both north and south India are evident by her authentic details and excellent descriptions. The Deccan Chronicle wrote: "She is really interested in knowing and staying with ordinary people."

The magazine "Andhra Pradesh" also wrote: "Mrs. Richardson is a shrewd reader of men and penetrating observer.

Her talents are apparent in Virgin Princess. She has written and published nine books; four on India.